FPI - Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Hansen Aerospace has Fluorescent Penetrant capabilities specializing in, but not limited to, aerospace and power applications. Forgings, castings, weldments, brazings, etc. are handled on a daily basis from a variety of major industrial clients including General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell Engines.

Shafts with applied Penetrant
Shafts with applied Penetrant

Approved Specs

General Specifications ASTM E 1417
General Electric P3TF2, P3TF44, P3TF47
United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) FPM-MASTER, CFPM-MASTER
Hamilton Sundstrand HS-447
Honeywell EMS 52309
Rolls-Royce LHP8037, EIS 1169
Avio 9300F
Raytheon (Aircraft) Raytheon Standards
Textron (HR, Systems, Bell Helicopter) ESS 082