Ultrasonic Inspection: Braze

The Hansen Aerospace ultrasonic laboratory has provided a valuable service to the brazing industry by providing detailed c-scans which allow engineers to view the process capabilities and any processing changes in a way that does not require an ultrasonic expert. The plan view of the c-scans and evaluation software tools at H.A.L. can provide precise percentages of disbond in areas considered critical or offer histogram data that can help solve specific manufacturing issues.

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Alunimum Furnace Brazement

Good Scan
Acceptable Scan Results

Rejected Scan Results

Braze example 2 1
Complex Furnace Brazement

braze example 2 2
C-Scan of Complex Furnace

Examples of Braze, C-Scan, and Analysis Software

Example scan 1

Example Scan 2

example scan 3