Ultrasonic Inspection: Engine Disk

Hansen Aerospace ultrasonic laboratory presently utilizes 18 automated c-scan data acquisition immersion systems that are widely approved by prime specifications. Disks or structural parts as high as 36 inches and 60 inches in diameter can be accommodated by immersion inspection. Airfoil or similar type shapes (2 1/2D) can be inspected on the same immersion systems. This overall capacity and the one-stop-shopping philosophy the sister machining company offers is desirable for quick and efficient delivery.

The accuracy and design of the equipment make it perfect for complicated inspections such as contour following or high sensitivity applications. Each system design was aided by thorough input from Hansen users which make Hansen systems highly efficient and adaptable to any application including thru-transmission and phased array.

The Hansen Aerospace climate controlled ultrasonic laboratory is often called on for R&D projects and used as a beta test site for many new applications due to the variety and volume of engine disk inspection performed at the company.