Ultrasonic Inspection

Hansen Aerospace Laboratory

Hansen Aerospace Laboratory provides the best ultrasonic equipment and technology the industry has to offer. Multiple automated digital data acquisition C-scan imaging systems allow faster and more reliable inspections. Our high degree of efficiency is complimented by highly skilled programmer/inspectors. The laboratory has achieved numerous aerospace special process approvals and has the capability to adapt to most special requirements. Metal forgings and castings, brazements, weldments, plastics or composites as stock or as final part shapes are typical of the inspections performed daily. Known widely as an aerospace world leader in engine disk inspection, this is only a fraction of the markets the company services. Hansen Aerospace Laboratory services markets from aerospace to power generation, medical to nuclear and most anything in between. R&D services are always available.

We provide full service shipping, receiving or warehousing, when necessary. The ultrasonic inspection area is approximately 25,000 sq. feet of working space. Crane capacity is over 3 tons and supplies over 18 work stations. Capacity for ultrasonic inspection is not an issue with more than 20 full time inspectors supported by three Level 3's with over 100 years experience combined. No job is too small or too large. All immersion systems are automated c-scan immersion tanks of varying sizes and capacities. Contact inspection services can be provided at the lab or on the road.

Approved Specs

ULTRASONIC TESTING (Composites, Plastics, Metals – forgings, castings, welds, braze)



General Electric

P3TF1, P3TE4, P3TF14, P3TF22, P3TF24, P3TF30, P3TF35, P3TF42, P3TF51,P3TF52, P29TF69, P29TF82 CL.( A, B, C, D)

General Electric Power Generation

P3C-AG101 & others

Nuovo Pignone

ITN 07046


ES 9-125


EMS52321, P6803, EMS52323, EMS57934,
NGPS 1026

Hamilton Sundstrand

HS819, AMS 2631, AMS-STD-2154, HS 7250, MIL-I-8950, MIL-STD-2154, PN16.06


MTV1033-01, -02, -03, MTP101


EIS 1225, EIS1201, GEM0071


9500F, 8962F

General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin



DMC020, DMC029


LC573, LC638

United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney)



015-004-011, 015-004-059, 397-106-901,
394-525-901, 397-716-901, 690-719-902

Textron Bell Helicopter

BPS4424 (Contact, Immersion & Composites), Flight Safety Primary & Critical Parts


RPR 14000& others

GENERAL (Volvo, General Dynamics, Boeing, Airbus, IHI, I.T.P., Honeywell)

MIL-STD-2154, MIL-I-8950, AMS2154, AMS2630, AMS2631, AMS4050, ASTM E214, ASTM B-594, ASTM A 435/A 435M-90, AWSC3.5, AWSC3.7, AWSC3.8& others